Full Program

SESC is a part of the EAI SmartCity 360° 2019 International Summit

See program of the whole summit, including the keynote day, demos, exhibitions and all 8 co-located conferences –here

SESC conference will take place on the 5th-6th December in the room #2

DAY 1 – 5th December

9:00 – 11:00


Session Chair: João L. Afonso and Vitor Monteiro

  1. The Electric Vehicle in Smart Homes: A Review and Future Perspectives, Monteiro, Vitor; Afonso, Jose; Afonso, Joao, L; Sousa, Tiago; Ferreira, Joao
  2. STATCOM Evaluation in Electrified Railway Using V/V and Scott Power Transformers, Barros, Luis; Tanta, Mohamed; Martins, António, P.; Afonso, João, L.; Pinto, J., G.
  3. Towards Smart Railways: A Charging Strategy for On-board Energy Storage Systems, Morais, Vítor, Alves; Afonso, João, Luiz; Martins, António, Pina
  4. A Three-Phase Bidirectional Variable Speed Drive: An Experimental Validation for a Three-Phase Induction Motor, Monteiro, Vitor; Machado, Luis; Afonso, Joao; Sousa, Tiago; Pedrosa, Delfim
  5. Unified Traction and Battery Charging Systems for Electric Vehicles: A Sustainability Perspective, Sousa, Tiago, J. C.; Machado, Luís; Pedrosa, Delfim; Monteiro, Vítor; Afonso, João, L.
11:00 – 11:30 Coffee break
11:30 – 13:00


Session Chair: Gabriel Pinto and João L. Afonso

  1. Smart Auditorium: Development and Analysis of a Power and Environment Monitoring Platform, Santos, Diogo; Ferreira, João, Carlos; Monteiro, Vitor; Afonso, João, L.
  2. Modeling and Thermal Energy Management in Smart Homes, Khlifi, Khaoula; Haddouk, Amira; Monteiro, Vitor; Afonso, Joao L.; Mechergui, Hfaiedh
  3. Reverse Power Flow Detection Using Optimally Placed μPMUs in a Distribution System, Eloja, Philip Joshua; Jorda, Niko Avel; Pedrasa, Michael Angelo
  4. Comparison of thermal load models for MILP-based demand response planning, Magalhães, Pedro; Antunes, Carlos, Henggeler
13:00 – 14:00 Lunch
14:00 – 15:30


Session Chair: João L. Afonso and Gabriel Pinto

  1. Development of a Compact and Low-Cost Weather Station for Renewable Energy Applications, Monteiro, Vitor; Salgado, Jose; Feio, Miguel; Silva, Luis; Afonso, Joao, L; Afonso, Jose, A
  2. Modelling interconnected renewable electricity systems, Ferreira, Paula; Pereira, Elizabete
  3. Integrating PV+Battery residential microgrids in distribution networks: how is the point of common coupling agreed upon? Saviuc, Iolanda; Van Passel, Steven; Peremans, Herbert
  4. Economic Evaluation of PV Generation Curtailment and Voltage Regulation Investment in Distribution Networks with High PV Penetration, Gonzales, Ryan Christopher; Bunagan, Juan Miguel; Pedrasa, Michael Angelo
  5. Increasing photovoltaic self-consumption: an approach with game theory and blockchain, Stephant, Matthieu; Abbes, Dhaker; Hassam-Ouari, Kahina; Labrunie, Antoine; Robyns, Benoît
15:30 – 16:00 Coffee break
16:00 – 17:30


Session Chair: Vitor Monteiro and Gabriel Pinto

  1. Development of an Internet of Things System for Smart Home HVAC Monitoring and Control, Monteiro, Vitor; Alves, Anibal; Pinto, J.; Afonso, Jose; Afonso, Joao
  2. WaterAMI – Water Automated Metering Infraestructure based on a energy aware wireless mesh network communication protocol, Vieira, Alexandra; Patrão, Carlos; Gonçalves, Tiago; Monteiro, Paulo; Marcelino, Sylvain; Filipe, Edmundo; Damasceno, João; Pereira, Hélio; Sousa, Catarina; Oliveira, Paulo; Carvalho, João
  3. A Versatile High Frequency Electricity Monitoring Framework for our Future Connected Home, Völker, Benjamin; Pfeifer, Marc; Scholl, Philipp, Marcel; Becker, Bernd
  4. Construction and Validation of a Low Cost System for Indoor Air Quality Measurements in Livestock Facilities, Almeida Delgado, Leonardo; Sabença Feliciano, Manuel, Joaquim; Mantovani Frare, Laercio; Campestrini Furst, Leonardo; Pinto Leitão, Paulo, Jorge; Peixoto Igrejas, Getúlio, Paulo
  5. Acoustic Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Using a Sensor-Rich Smartphone, Song, Yu, Xi; Wang, Mei; Qiu, Bing, Hong; Wei, Xue, Ming

DAY 2 – 6th December

9:00 – 11:00


Session Chair:João L. Afonso and Vitor Monteiro

  1. Advanced Load-Shift System: An Experimental Validation of the ac-dc Converter as Shunt Active Power Filter, Monteiro, Vitor; Sousa, Tiago; Afonso, Joao, L; Alves, Tiago, L; Pinto, J.; Rodrigues, Ana
  2. A Novel Single-Phase Shunt Active Power Filter Based on a Current-Source Converter with Reduced Dc-link, Monteiro, Vitor; Barros, Luis; Afonso, Joao; Pinto, J.; Exposto, Bruno; Oliveira, Catia
  3. New Analytical Formulas for Coupling Coefficient of Two Inductively Coupled Ring Coils in Inductive Wireless Power Transfer System, AL-SAADI, Mohammed; VALTCHEV, Stanimir; CRĂCIUNESCU, Aurelian
  4. Three-Phase Smart Energy Meter for Grid-Connected PV Installations, Monteiro, Vitor; Haddouk, Amira; Hlaili, Manel; Hfaiedh, Mechergui; Afonso, Joao
  5. Towards Green Data Centers, Bourhnane, Safae; Abid, Mohamed Riduan; Lghoul, Rachid; Zine-Dine, Khalid; Elkamoun, Najib; Benhaddou, Driss
11:00 – 11:30 Coffee break